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Yoga is one of the oldest methods of harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It it not strong physical practice. Yoga is...

 Yoga /  Tipperary / 167 views

Tipperary Yoga & Meditation Centre


This course will help students to use their laptops, tablets, smartphones with more confidence. You will get to know a...

 Computers and IT /  Wexford / 167 views



Kachina Alternative Health & Beauty studio offers yoga classes for adults and children. The teacher and owner of the studio...

 Yoga /  Mayo / 166 views

Kachina Alternative Health & Beauty Centre,


Adult Education department of St. Flannan’s College offers Yoga classes for those who need physical exercises and want to improve...

 Yoga /  Clare / 166 views

St. Flannan’s College


Italian cuisine is rich and various. People in the whole world love pizza, some of them try to cook it...

 Cooking /  Galway / 166 views



Would you like to learn some French? This is course is for people with little or no French language skills....

 French /  Wicklow / 166 views

Bray Institute of Futher Education


This course is an introduction to computers. Learners will gain basic skills and knowledge. On successful completion you can continue...

 Computers and IT /  Clare / 166 views

Co. Clare VEC Adult Education Centre


Many people think it is easy to be a cake baker and decorator. You have to learn gain skills, learn...

 Cooking /  Clare / 164 views

St. Flannan’s College


If you are a farmer and would like to learn or upskill your digital skills, this information will be useful...

 Computers and IT /  Roscommon / 164 views

Roscommon FET Centre


If you are interested in food industry and cooking, this course would be useful for you. Participants will learn everything...

 Cooking /  Carlow / 163 views

Carlow College St.Patrick's


Would you like to learn French language and culture? No matter, you are going on holiday, learn business French, get...

 French /  Cavan / 162 views

Cavan Institute School of Lifelong Learning


If you need to get basic knowledge of the personal computer this course is for you. You will be taught...

 Computers and IT /  Limerick / 161 views

Limerick College for Further Education


Would you like to learn Spanish for traveling, chatting online with Spanish friends, for business or study? Then this course...

 Spanish /  Kerry / 159 views

Killarney Community College


Yoga is one of the oldest methods of harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It it not strong physical practice. Yoga is...

 Yoga /  Roscommon / 158 views

The Old School of Holistic Therapies


Do you like listening to music? Maybe you want to play one or to compose. Roscommon Community College offers you...

 Music and Sound Engineering /  Roscommon / 147 views

Roscommon Community College
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