Evening Courses in Donegal


Woodturning is a kind of woodworking. A special instrument is used - a lathe. The tool is quite stationary. So,...

 Woodwork /  Donegal / 466 views

Donegal ETB


This is an evening course for those who would like to improve their cooking skills. An award winning chef Brian...

 Cooking /  Donegal / 209 views

Brian Mc Dermott


This course is an introduction to computers. Learners will gain basic skills and knowledge. On successful completion you can continue...

 Computers and IT /  Donegal / 197 views

Donegal ETB Letterkenny Training Centre


If you have never learned German or have some limited skills, this course is just for you. It will help...

 German /  Donegal / 185 views

ID Languages


This Warm Flow Yoga in a vinyasa style will teach you how to link your breath to movement. Yoga is...

 Yoga /  Donegal / 179 views

Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre