Practical Skills Evening Courses


Would you like to get new skills in woodwork? Beginner students will learn the techniques and make their own project....

 Woodwork /  South Dublin / 803 views

Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute


Woodturning is a kind of woodworking. A special instrument is used - a lathe. The tool is quite stationary. So,...

 Woodwork /  Donegal / 471 views

Donegal ETB


Eating Well for Less would be a great course for the whole family. Ciarán, a registered Nutritional Therapist, will present...

 Cooking /  Leitrim / 464 views

The Organic Centre


Would you like to know more on construction, materials and systems in your home? Students will learn how to save...

 Practical Skills /  Mayo / 421 views

Davitt College Adult Education


Cooking and baking is something that almost all people do at home. But being a professional cake baker and decorator...

 Cooking /  Limerick / 410 views

Limerick College of Further Education


Weekend Natural Edge Wood Course includes the following topics: how to find, store, season and mill trees and how to...

 Woodwork /  Sligo / 399 views

Mud & Wood House


Wood Turning is a kind of woodwork. A special tool is used – a lathe. It is quite stationary, so...

 Woodwork /  Carlow / 394 views

Glenn Lucas Woodturning Studying Centre


Would you like to learn some basics of carpentry and joinery? At the end of the course you will understand...

 Woodwork /  North Dublin / 393 views

Hartstown/ Huntstown Community School


Wood Тurning differs from other woodwork techniques. The tool is stationary, you turn wood to make cuts. Run in the...

 Woodwork /  Leitrim / 371 views

The Organic Centre


Would you like to learn how to use T.I.G. Welding equipment in a proper way and do your job safely?...

 Welding /  South Dublin / 363 views

DDLETB Tallaght Training Centre


Do you think you are creative or practical? If so maybe you should try a Dressmaking Course. You will learn...

 Practical Skills /  Mayo / 361 views

Davitt College


Would you like to give your furniture new life? This upholstery course will help you to learn how to do...

 Furniture Restoration /  Laois / 347 views

Laois Upholstery


This woodwork course is designed for beginners and improvers. It is practical and will be helpful for both: those who...

 Woodwork /  Clare / 346 views

Ennis Community College


Silke Cropp will reveal you the secret of cheese making. The teacher has been producing goat, cow and sheep milk...

 Cooking /  Leitrim / 332 views

The Organic Centre


Wood Тurning differs from other woodwork techniques. The tool is stationary, you turn wood to make cuts. An award-winning craftsman...

 Woodwork /  Wexford / 322 views

Gorey Community School
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