This course is for those who want to work with children on professional level. The main idea is to equip...

 Childcare /  Leitrim

BTEI Centre, Leitrim


This is level 6 Childcare Course. The idea is to build knowledge and skills on level 5. The course will...

 Childcare /  Carlow

Carlow Institute of Further Education (a KCETB college)


There is a huge need in Ireland for well-qualified early childhood specialists working with young children and their families, including...

 Childcare /  Longford

Longford Women’s Link


Education Training Board (CMETB) offers Skills to advance courses. One of them is School Age Childcare course. It aims to...

 Childcare /  Monaghan

Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board


This course is designed for those who love children and would like to learn how to take care of them...

 Childcare /  Monaghan

BTEI - Monaghan

Portobello Institute

Part time courses in Childcare in Dublin are available from Portobello Institute. These courses are available in Dublin city and...

 Childcare /  Dublin City

ICHAS - Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences

The Masters in Childhood and Adolescent studies is specifically designed for those who want to develop higher order skills and...

 Childcare /  Dublin City

ICHAS Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences

Dorset College Dublin

This evening course provides the knowledge, skills and aptitudes for the role and responsibilities of a Special Needs Assistant when...

 Childcare /  Dublin City

Dorset College Dublin